How to Easily Build Department Training Online with CareerCert

Please join us for a webinar on May 13th at 12 pm MT.

Quickly and safely disseminating customized training, protocols, and information to your personnel is crucial for emergency departments.

That’s why CareerCert provides departments with tools to easily share customized training and information online. No one knows your team’s needs like you do, which is why we provide a way you can keep your team up-to-date in 5 easy steps.

Join the CareerCert team May 13th to get an inside look at our training tools and learn how you can:

  • Mitigate gaps and improve outcomes with tailored training
  • Easily create and disseminate courses, protocols, training, and more 
  • Safely keep your team up to date on critical information
  • Provide customized content personnel can access anytime, anywhere
  • Test comprehension/field readiness with easy-to-use knowledge checks
  • Track personnel completions with streamlined reports
  • Prepare your department for situations they’ll face in the field
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