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How Do You Become a Firefighter? Simple Resources to Help

Becoming a firefighter and meeting firefighter requirements are much more than having a high school diploma and driver’s license. Competition in the firefighter job market can make landing a job difficult. Certifications can help you succeed before getting hired as a probie (a probationary firefighter). Thankfully, CareerCert has made it easy for you to achieve your firefighter job growth goals. Here are some tips to help you throughout your career as a firefighter.

 Get Certified 

Firefighter duties include much more than just passing the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT). While it’s important to be able to bench press 70% of your weight, firefighter requirements also include knowing what to do in stressful situations. Your ability to think quickly and act calmly can save lives. Fire departments prefer recruits who are already EMT-certified and have their Firefighter I and Firefighter II. If you are currently busy with school or a job, CareerCert offers self-paced and virtual instructor-led classes making it easy for you to get your EMT refresher. We also provide critical firefighter training. You’ll enter the academy armed with the knowledge you need to be a top graduate.

 Work Hard as a Probie

After graduating from the academy and getting sworn in as a firefighter, your fire safety training days will be put to the test. During your 12 to 24 months as a probie, you might begin to question your choice and the people you are going to work with. Your fellow firefighters have your best interests in mind and simply want to know that you have what it takes to have a 20-year career. This is your chance to prove that you will work hard. Not only should you be the first one up and the last one to go to bed but you can also use this time to show you take your firefighter job growth seriously by taking online courses to learn more about your firefighter duties. CareerCert’s self-paced classes make it easy to work classes into your busy schedule as a probie.

Never Stop Learning

Once you become a full-fledged firefighter, you’ll discover that your education needs to extend beyond the repeated PPE or fire safety training. You’ll want to enhance your firefighter job growth with continuing education. This will make you a better mentor and leader for others who are interested in becoming a firefighter or are a new probie. You can lead by example by showing you value continuing education.

While passing the CPAT is essential, so is gaining as much education as you can. Whether applying for the academy, joining a fire department as a probie, or looking to enhance your skills, CareerCert is there for you at every stage of your firefighter job growth. Check out their courses to discover new skills you can develop today!


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