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Fire and EMS Training Resources + Free CEs to Help During COVID-19

For first responders and healthcare providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, the difficulty of staying on top of critical training and certifications has been compounded by changing protocols, long shifts, and risk of exposure.

To help simplify your life and connect you with the life-saving training you need, our team at CareerCert is providing you with free CE hours, new resources, and training management tools you can access whenever it works best for your schedule.

We are grateful for the sacrifice you make to protect our communities. We are here to support you in any way we can so that together we can improve patient outcomes in our communities.

COVID-19 Training and Information

With new COVID-19 information being released on a daily basis, keeping yourself and your team safe and informed is a constant battle. But you don’t have to fight it alone. Here are COVID-19 resources to help your team stay safe and provide exceptional care.

Free CE Hours and Training

With symposiums canceled across the nation and classroom learning grinding to a halt, we wanted to provide emergency and healthcare professionals with ways they could easily build skill and earn CEs from home. From articles to webinars, we’ve released hundreds of free resources to help you access the critical training you need.

Training Management Resources

Whether you are looking to help your department fulfill national certification requirements in one easy place or you need a simple way to create and track department-specific training, CareerCert can help. Our training tools automatically track your department’s CEs and certifications, allowing you to see comprehensive reports with the click of a button. You can even create, disseminate, and track completion of department-specific training to ensure your team has all it needs to protect those you serve.

Resources for Fighting Burnout

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, more than  60% of EMS providers reported feeling burned out,1 and nearly 50% of firefighters experienced burnout and associated health problems.2 Added stress and anxiety surrounding COVID-19 can magnify these emotions.3 As the U.S. Fire Administration reports, “the challenges [first responders] face are immense and the toll of their work on their mental health can be significant.”4 Here are some resources to help you build resilience and cope with burnout before it impacts your mental and physical health.


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