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4 Ways EMS Online Education Can Improve Your Career

Medical knowledge is expanding at a pace that is almost unfathomable. In an article titled “Challenges and Opportunities Facing Medical Education,” Peter Densen, MD, puts this rapid growth into perspective when he states, “What was learned in the first 3 years of medical school will be just 6% of what is known at the end of the decade from 2010 to 2020.” Similarly, EMS providers will discover they will need to find CE solutions to stay up to date with the latest medical knowledge. Making EMS online education a priority can solidify your career in the following 3 ways.

1. Online education will help you stay relevant in your field.

Tackling your paramedic or EMT training can be daunting. In “Using Technology to Meet the Challenges of Medical Education,” Phyllis A. Guze notes:

“The explosion of medical knowledge no longer allows [medical providers] to keep in their mind all knowledge that is necessary to provide quality patient care. It is estimated that more than 600,000 articles are published in biomedical literature every year. If a student attempted to keep up with the literature by reading 2 articles per day, in 1 year this conscientious individual would be more than 800 years behind.”

Staying up to date on best practices and being able to act with confidence in life-or-death situations requires consistent and continual training. When it comes to continuing your education, spreading training over the 2-year recertification cycle can help you retain more and build the skill you need to provide exceptional patient care.

2. Online education will help you improve outcomes for your patients.

Columbia Southern University posted in May 2020 that EMS professionals will treat their patients more effectively and efficiently if they are up to date on the latest medical practices and technology. They also emphasized the importance of continuing education to refresh your knowledge for treating rarely seen cases. That’s why CareerCert focuses on providing typical and atypical case presentations in all our online instruction. We understand that you need consistent, deliberate practice to stay at your best as a provider. Our immersive scenario-based courses and pediatric virtual reality training are accessible anytime, anywhere and provide you with real-time feedback and continual practice.

3. Online education will help you experience growth in your career.

When you are confident and competent in your job, you are happier. ESO.com writes, “Personal growth is key in ensuring you remain happy and challenged in your career.”

Continuing education can expand your capabilities, resources, professional network, knowledge, and overall job satisfaction. With exposure to new information comes unexpected opportunities. Continuing your education can facilitate your professional growth and help you be prepared to seize new opportunities when they arise.

4. Online education is flexible and can save you time, stress, and costs.

ESO.com reminds us that since you spend most of your waking hours working, you’ll want to “find ways to make those continuing education requirements work for you.” Fortunately, CareerCert offers online EMS training that fits into your busy work schedule.

With online EMS training, paramedics and EMTs can enjoy the time-saving benefits of accessing their training anytime, anywhere. CareerCert also supports training on your own schedule. Stay engaged, save time and money, and recertify with CareerCert’s options for emergency responders.

CareerCert has all the tools and resources you need to solidify your career with accredited continuing education. Boost your career today by finding the right refresher or CE course for you.


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