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3 Ways You Can Get the Most from Your Online EMS Training

One of the biggest perks about EMS online education is that virtual learning makes the content accessible anytime, anywhere and provides flexible training options.

Not all online EMS training is created equal, however. We’ve all endured death-by-Powerpoint presentations. You deserve a learning experience that is engaging and interactive, and your patients deserve to be treated by a provider who is up to date on the latest best practices. Be sure to look for EMS education that makes you think and develops your competence and confidence as a provider. Do your CEUs include interactive scenarios, case studies, videos, and activities? Does it make you excited to learn and continue your education?

At CareerCert, we’re experts on innovative online learning, and we’re here to help. Here are CareerCert’s top 3 suggestions for how you can best take advantage of your online EMS training.

1. Establish a learning routine.

The first — and probably the most important — of all online learning tips is to set yourself up for success by establishing a learning routine. Having a specific place that you go to study will help you develop a good study routine, which is essential for effective learning.

When you attend an in-person class, your study routine is often developed without consciously thinking about it. You walk into the classroom, sit down at your desk, take out your notepad, and put today’s date in the top right corner. Just like that, you’ve prepped your body and mind and are ready to learn.

Think about what things you have done in your in-person classes to help you settle in and focus your mind to learn, then recreate that routine as closely as possible at home or at the station. How?

We recommend dedicating a specific space to your education. It should be relatively quiet, free from distractions, and organized so that you aren’t constantly pushing stuff out of the way to make room to work.

2. Search for additional resources.

A great perk of getting your EMS education online is that you have easy access to additional online resources. These resources are full of advice from industry professionals. When it comes to understanding difficult concepts, be sure to check out a few of these free resources that can help take your learning to the next level:

Earn CEUs with CareerCert’s free webinars!

One of the best ways to solidify learning is to discuss it with others. Sign up for one of our free webinars, earn CEUs, and discuss relevant topics with industry professionals. You can also browse through our vast library of past webinars and watch recordings to deepen your knowledge and skill.

Enjoy medical articles to deepen your knowledge.

For more in-depth explanations on specific medical emergencies you could face in your EMS career, read CareerCert’s articles. These articles cover a variety of conditions that EMS workers commonly face, including airway management/ventilation, emergency life support, heart rhythms, infectious diseases, stroke, trauma/incidents, and other medical concerns. Supplement your online EMS training with this helpful resource.

Read our blog!

All online learners can search the CareerCert blog for tips and tricks that will help you in your career. Our blog is full of industry-based tips and trends to help you stay up to date with the latest in the industry. Read blogs specific to EMS workers and their everyday challenges, such as:

3. Sign up for more than the required courses.

At CareerCert, we don’t believe in meeting the bare minimum. That’s why we offer flexible and affordable ways for EMS providers to access training that will help them succeed in their personal life and career, including topics covering resilience, disaster preparedness, building leadership skills, and more. From courses on allergies and anaphylaxis to HAZMAT and HIPAA-related guidelines, you can easily use CE courses to dig deeper and stay informed.

Browse our CE course catalog and get the most from your EMS training with CareerCert.


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