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3 Ways to Expand Your Work Network with EMT Online Courses

Often, when we pay for EMS training, we only think of our money going toward a license or a certificate. It’s easy to forget that our tuition is also facilitating a network that can enhance our career.

Through the opportunities that come with EMT refresher courses, you won’t just get the knowledge you need to save lives, you’ll find yourself in environments with other like-minded people who will expand your professional network. Here are 3 ways you can improve your networking skills while working on your EMT refresher course online.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a platform designed for professional networking. According to Orlando Dominguez with EMS World, 80% of professionals surveyed by LinkedIn revealed networking contributes to their success. By keeping your LinkedIn profile updated, others with similar interests will want to connect with you and thus expand your network. Here are some simple ways you can update your profile when working on your EMT recertification. 

  1. Add CareerCert under “Education” to let others know you are completing your EMT refresher course online with accredited, quality courses. LinkedIn will let you know who else in your network also takes courses with CareerCert.
  2. Join EMT communities. LinkedIn provides a large selection of various communities found in the “Interests” section. By joining EMT online communities, you’ll find a wealth of resources and advice when working on your own refresher course. You can be a help to others, too.
  3. Include your training in the “Skills and Endorsements” section. LinkedIn will then ask your network to endorse your skills. This is a simple way to let others know what your certifications are. Be sure to endorse others as well.

Post on Social Media

Dominguez also writes, “Informal networking can lead to sound relationships that will benefit EMS officers and organizational leaders alike.” Let your friends and family know that you are working on your EMT recertification by posting on social media. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll find others doing the same. Be sure to include hashtags in your posts so that others can find you. Soon you’ll find you are part of a large community of people dedicated to continuing their education to save lives. When you are taking your courses from CareerCert, be sure to tag us, too. We love hearing and sharing students’ stories. To read inspiring stories of those who take CareerCert’s online EMS courses, check out our customer stories page.

Join Study Groups

The best way to learn something is by teaching it to someone else. This is why study groups are so valuable. It gives those currently taking an EMT refresher course an opportunity to teach each other. Since most have selected an online course because of its flexibility working around different work schedules, many students might not want to “get together” at the same time for a study session. You can create a virtual study room by setting up a shared document in the cloud (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) where other students can share their notes and thoughts on the various topics taught in the course. As you help each other learn, you’ll also get to know each other and create friendships to last throughout your career and beyond.

Networking is essential to first responders. Dominguez explains that it not only will ensure your own career growth but also helps you provide the highest quality of care to your patients. Whether you participate in CareerCert’s free webinars or are a platinum member with a 2-year online subscription, everyone in the CareerCert community has an opportunity to expand their network when engaging in our continuing education. We don’t only provide you with accredited virtual instructor-led training, scenario-based learning, and self-paced courses that fulfill state and national requirements, we also introduce you to EMS providers and industry experts across the country. Join the CareerCert learning community and start expanding your network today!


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