EMS Accreditation Requirements for South Dakota

The CareerCert course library meets 100% of the continuing education requirements for all levels of EMS license types in South Dakota.

When training with CareerCert, you will be able to complete your continuing education with the confidence that our content is accredited and meets South Dakota’s requirements for license renewal. Our courses are designed by industry experts and reviewed and validated by our medical advisory board and fire advisory board. We are accredited so that you can be sure that our courses offer the education you need.

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Requirements Met Paramedic Required Hours Hours In Our Library
Provider Specific Refresher (National Component) 30 30 To meet this requirement, use CareerCert's Virtual Instructor-Led Refreshers available for EMR, EMT, AEMT and Paramedic.
Self-Paced Courses (Local & Individual Component) 30 320+ To meet this requirement, use CareerCert's Self-Paced Training Subscriptions.
Total 60 320+

Emergency Vehicle Operator Refreshers

In addition to being CAPCE accredited, meets the requirements for a CEVO refresher to prepare your team for passing their required CEVO Road Tests or remediation.

Critical Care refresher acceptance statement

CareerCert offers 51 hours of content for continuing education applicable to critical care transport. All of our Critical Care content is accepted and/or approved by IBSC, UMBC, ASTNA, and BCEN.


  • What is a self-paced course and how is it different from a live course or a virtual live course?

    The NREMT requires providers participate in both virtual live instructor-led classes (F5 — National Component) as well as self-paced online courses (F3 — Individual and State/Local Component). A face-to-face class (F1) would replace either of these requirements as long as the F1 classes cover all of the objectives required by the National Registry.

    Most states also accept F1, F3 and F5 courses in order to fulfill any and all requirements for recertification

    CareerCert’s self-paced courses can be purchased using a 1-year or 2-year subscription. You will have access to hundreds of courses 24/7 so that you can complete whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. F5 classes are conducted by a live instructor in a virtual classroom. Classes are offered on various dates and times to make them as convenient as possible. National refreshers are offered through CareerCert VILT Programs and there is one available for each provider type.

  • Will my credits be reported to my National Registry account?

    CareerCert, as a CAPCE accredited education provider, is required to report all completions for all users to CAPCE. We use the profile information that you enter into the CareerCert platform to report these completions. Your National Registry account can be automatically populated with the completions reported to CAPCE if the account configuration allows. CareerCert also reports to Virginia, Florida and New Jersey as required by those state EMS Offices. Certificates issued by CareerCert will bear the CAPCE accredited course number, hours and level for all providers except those in states that require their own numbers (Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Texas).